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Video Auditions


We will have further auditions for straight plays, as needed, and for musicals and events in the summer, as is our custom, but dependent upon recommendations from the CDC and the Florida Department of health. Until then, please let us know which show and or role you have interest in and send a 60 to 90 second comedic or dramatic monologue to Many shows at our theater are premieres. If you do not have enough information about a show or a character after reading the descriptions below, you can do a quick YouTube search or you can always email us. We are happy to help!

Character Descriptions for Auditions 12th Season all ethnicities, shapes, sizes encouraged to audition

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues (17 Nov-22 Dec) “When a doe says no, it means no.” We all know Santa’s famous sleigh-pullers...but in this smart and scandalous holiday show, you’ll see Comet, Dancer, Vixen, and all the other reindeer react to charges of sexual harassment levied against the man himself. "THE EIGHT: REINDEER MONOLOGUES is a fun and laugh-out-loud alternative to the normal holiday offerings." - Behind the Curtain

Dasher - alpha-male type, bad boy Cupid - effeminate, swishy, comfortable with his sexuality Hollywood - vain, self-centered male Blitzen - female, righteous, determined, an activist Comet - male or female, reformed addict, serious, multiple tattoos, piercings Dancer - female, physically lean and graceful, fastidious, likes to gossip Donner - male, Rudolph’s father, ex-military, ethical, deeply regretful, depressed Vixen - female, the accuser and/or the victim, very comfortable with the power of her sexuality, uses it when she must, very attractive

Failure: A Love Story (4 Dec-20 Dec) SWFL Premiere! This is the story of the three Fail sisters – Nelly, Jenny June, and Gerty – as they head toward the end of 1928...and each of their lives. Told with the use of whimsical music, this unexpected comedic fable will prove that the power of love can overcome all else. “A wholly wonderful show that is profound, yet at the very same time whimsical beyond all imagining...the strangest yet most beautiful of waltzes.” - Chicago Sun-Times

Nelly Fail - 20, female, the youngest Fail sister, tall and lean, giggly Jenny June Fail - 22, female, the middle Fail sister, the swimmer Gertrude Fail - 28, female, the eldest Fail sister John N. Fail - 17ish, the brother Mortimer Mortimer - late 20s-30, male, the lover The Chorus - male and female, various ages, ethnicities, heights; must have excellent vocal range; Chorus members are also Foley artists *some actors must play musical instruments: piano, banjo, double bass, cello

Botticelli in the Fire (19 Feb-14 Mar, 2021) FL Premiere! Sandro Botticelli is the promiscuous life of the party! While painting his masterpiece The Birth of Venus, the plague rages outside and a conservative preacher is blaming the sodomites. Set in a 15th century that has skinny jeans and cell phones, will the famous artist sacrifice his painting or his young apprentice, Leonardo da Vinci? “...a celebratory mix of the sacred and profane that is sure to please.” – MD Theatre Guide

Sandro Botticelli* - 25-30, an art star, promiscuous, cocky, punk, physically fit Clarice Orsini* - 30s, wealthy, powerful woman, jaded, manipulative, curvy Lorenzo De Medici - 40s, wealthy, powerful man, cruel, vindictive, possessive, patron of the arts Leonardo Da Vinci* - 20s, painter and visionary, effeminate, sassy, laser-focus on detail Poggio Di Chullu - 30s, painter and bon-vivant, chum to Sandro & Leonardo Girolamo Savonarola - 50s-60s, charismatic and dangerous friar, televangelist-type Madre Maria - 50s, Botticelli’s mother, nurturing, wistful

*nudity required for actors playing Botticelli, da Vinci, Clarice... These requirements will be discussed at callbacks. Please do not send nudes via photo or video. Dramatic monologues for all characters except Poggio.

Please also let us know if you’d like to be considered for stage readings or for the 24 hour project. There will be several such special opportunities, once again dependent on arts protocol which will be based on CDC guidelines and Florida Department of health guidelines.