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Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 3 PM - 5 PM

THE SMELL OF THE KILL Aug. 4 – 26, 2017 By Michele Lowe

Every month, three wives meet in one of their homes while their husbands (old college friends) hang out. Each woman is experiencing her own version of marital issues – financial, sexual, emotional – and each is considering divorce. Though typically nothing more than a gripe-and-moan session, this month's gathering sees something different...the men have accidentally locked themselves in the meat locker downstairs. So do the wives let them out...or not? You'll have to see this dark comedy to find out!

Run dates are August 4-26
Rehearsals TBD

Molly ("Smell of the Kill") (Lead): Female, 33-39
the youngest, seemingly innocent, mid 30’s, passive, but ultimately passive aggressive. For 12 years, Molly’s wanted to have children, but her husband doesn’t and tries to keep tabs on her while withholding sex. Working on her fifth affair.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Nicky ("Smell of the Kill") (Lead): Female, 39-45
a career woman and mom, her husband has been indicted for embezzlement and wants her to quit her job and use her pension to pay his defense fees. Quick witted, outgoing and friends with Debra since college.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Debra ("Smell of the Kill") (Lead): Female, 39-45
seemingly the most straitlaced of the three, she gave up her career in real estate to be a stay-at-home mom. Her husband, a womanizer, wants to move her out of their home to move his latest girlfriend in. A fragile personality hidden under a confident, suburban facade.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Director: Carmen Crussard
Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 2 PM -5 PM

2017-28 Season Auditions

Sordid Lives
By Del Shores
Directed By Scott Carpenter


BITSY MAE HARLING – the guitar playing ex-con singer (30s, 40s)
TY WILLIAMSON – a gay man on a journey (20s, early 30s)
SISSY HICKEY – the caretaker Aunt who picked the wrong day to quit smoking (50s, 60s)
NOLETA NETHERCOTT- the angry betrayed housewife (30s, 40s)
LATRELLE WILLIAMSON – Ty’s uptight, proper mother (40s, 50s)
LA VONDA DUPREE – Latrelle’s liberal-minded worldly sister (30s, 40s)
JUANITA BARTLETT- a bar fly, always drunk ( 50s, 60’s, 70s)
G.W. NETHERCOTT – the distraught Vietnam Vet w/wood prosthetic legs (40’s, 50s)
WARDELL “BUBBA” OWENS – the former gay- bashing remorseful bartender (30s, 40s, 50s)
ODELL OWENS – Wardell’s worthless story-telling brother who plays sting games (30s, 40s, 50s)
DR. EVE BOLINGER – the over-sexed, pill-popping, alcoholic therapist (30s, 40s, 50s)
EARL “BROTHER BOY” INGRAM – the Tammy Wynette obsessed transvestite (40s, 50s)
REV. BARNES – the Southern Baptist preacher (also plays Odell Owens)

By William Goldman, based on the novel by Stephen King
Directed By Nkkiy Rizley

An Act of God
By David Javerbaum
Directer By Tera Miller

Crimes of the Heart

By Beth Henley
Directed By Stephanie Davis

The Way We Get By
By Neil LaBute

Chip and Gus
By John Ahlin & Christopher Patrick Mullen

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
By John Bishop
Directed By Carmen Crussard

Visiting Mr. Green
By Jeff Baron

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